Cyber Threat Weekly

Holiday Fraud

June 24, 2020 WMRCCU Season 1 Episode 3
Cyber Threat Weekly
Holiday Fraud
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Its summer but unfortunately holidays have been limited.  Due to current events large numbers have had holidays cancelled.  This unfortunately is something the cyber criminal is taking advantage of. 

After listening to this podcast please visit Action Fraud, National Cyber Security Centre and the West Midlands Cyber Protect Website for more guidance on all things relating to online Security.


Our host is Mathew Hough-Clews and can be found at sp_digitalpcso.


Also covering the West Midlands is Sean Long – WMPDigitalPCSO and covering Warwickshire and West Mercia Police areas is James Squire - cyberpcso.

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Hi, I'm Matthew Hough-Clewes. I'm a digital Police Community Support Officer for the Regional Cyber Crime Unit,

I'm going to talk about Holiday Frauds. 

With holidays expected to return soon we think it's a great time to advise people about holiday refunds scams.

Criminals will look to exploit the situation by unsolicited emails, texts, social media or calls with attachments containing malicious software, or fraudulent link. 

Don't reply to these forms of communication. Contact the company directly via a trusted source such as website or phone number. 

Don't click links or download attachments. 

Don't pay via bank transfer or cash, pay by credit or debit card for extra protection. 

How to report phishing?

Forward suspicious emails to [email protected] and forward suspicious text messages to double seven two six. 

Thank you