Cyber Threat Weekly

LinkedIn Impersonation

June 25, 2020 WMRCCU Season 1 Episode 4
Cyber Threat Weekly
LinkedIn Impersonation
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Make sure you link up with genuine connections via email.  We have become aware of a recent attempt by Cyber-Criminals using phishing emails suggesting they are from LinkedIn with the aim of stealing usernames and passwords.  

After listening to this podcast please visit Action Fraud, National Cyber Security Centre and the West Midlands Cyber Protect Website for more guidance on all things relating to online Security.


Our host is Mathew Hough-Clews and can be found at sp_digitalpcso.


Also covering the West Midlands is Sean Long – WMPDigitalPCSO and covering Warwickshire and West Mercia Police areas is James Squire - cyberpcso.

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Hi, I'm Matthew Hough-Clewes. I'm a digital Police Community Support Officer for the West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit. 

Today's date is the 25th of June. 

This is the Cyber Threat Weekly, and today we're going to be talking about the LinkedIn impersonation. 

The attack impersonates an email from LinkedIn. It notifies you of a business partnership or connection. Attached is a link which collects leads to a phishing website. The website replicates a LinkedIn page and requires you to log in. By doing so, the attacker now has obtained your login credentials. 

This may lead to further attacks across different platforms, ultimately, leading to a loss of personal data or finance. 

The advice is not to click on links, or download attachments, go via a trusted method, ie website or application and use two factor authentication or 2FA, which will give an added level of security.

Forward any phishing emails to 

Thank you