Cyber Threat Weekly

Suspicious Emails

July 10, 2020 WMRCCU Season 1 Episode 6
Cyber Threat Weekly
Suspicious Emails
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Suspicious Emails, we all get them.  If you have an email account then you get them.  Not only do they directly try and scam you they are also used as a technique to deliver malicious software to infect your device and or network.


After listening to this podcast please visit Action Fraud, National Cyber Security Centre and the West Midlands Cyber Protect Website for more guidance on all things relating to online Security.  



Our host is today is James Squire who covers Warwickshire and West Mercia Police areas and can be found on twitter at cyberpcso.


Also covering the West Midlands is Sean Long – WMPDigitalPCSO and our regular host Mathew Hough-Clews who can be found sp_digitalpcso.


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·        Are you prepared for a Cyber Attack

·        Got questions about Cyber Crime?

·        Can you spot a phishing Email?


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Hi there, it's James from the West Midlands Regional Cybercrime Unit. 
Today's date is Friday the 10th of July, and this is your Cyber Threat Weekly update. 
This week's topic revolves around phishing and in their latest report, the National Cyber Security Center highlighted that a previous phishing scam, which has been designed to steal personal and financial details from self employed workers, using self employment income support schemes is now again trying to capture passport information from victims. Unfortunately for us, phishing scams won't be going away anytime soon. So consider attending one of our livestream sessions available on our YouTube channel. Simply search WM Regional Cybercrime Unit to stay up to date on the latest tactics criminals are using. 
Don't forget that the National Cybersecurity Center has launched their new pioneering suspicious email Reporting Service. It's simple and easy for you to just forward anything suspicious straight through to the NCC. All you have to do is if you identify an email a suspicious or malicious is forward it to this week. 
The news it has been highlighted issues around protecting what you publish on your social media. The NCSC has released guidance around how to reduce the likelihood of unauthorized content appearing within your organisation's Social Media channels. You can read more, I would encourage parents to have open conversations around social media access that their children have. For some useful age specific guides. Please visit 
Mirai botnet co developers been sentenced to 13 months in prison. A 21 year old man has been sentenced to 13 months in federal prison for his role in creating the Satori DDoS botnet. 
Tesco was removed club card offers after scammers guest coats to get cheaper holidays. 
Phishing attacks and now spoofing Twitter to steal account credentials. 
And this week in tech talk, 
The NCSC weekly threat reports covering unauthorized data sharing and the new HMRC phishing scam. 
Microsoft is issuing an emergency update to fix two vulnerabilities impacting windows 10 and Windows servers. 
The tried to cry ransomware has been trying to worm its way into the windows system. 
TrickBot malware return for some new devious tools, 
And office 365 users are targeted in the new Survey Monkey phishing attack. 
For the full updates and everything that's available to view in tech talk and in this week's news, please visit forward slash Sentinel. 
And lastly for any other support or guidance around anything cybercrime, please visit and get in touch if your business requires anything like support or training.