Cyber Threat Weekly


July 24, 2020 WMRCCU Season 1 Episode 8
Cyber Threat Weekly
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This episode talks about vulnerabilities with Bluetooth, UK Governments approach with Russian online interference, US and China Covid 19 spying and more. 


After listening to this podcast please visit Action Fraud, National Cyber Security Centre and the West Midlands Cyber Protect Website for more guidance on all things relating to online Security.


Our host is Mathew Hough-Clews and can be found at sp_digitalpcso.


Also covering the West Midlands is Sean Long – WMPDigitalPCSO and covering Warwickshire and West Mercia Police areas is James Squire - cyberpcso.


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Hi, I'm Matthew Hough-Clewes. I'm a digital Police Community Support Officer for the West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit.

Today is the 24th of July 2020. This is the cyber threat weekly. 

The main talking point that's weak. Bluetooth Low Energy is the most widely utilised low energy communication protocol for mobile and Internet of Things devices. Recently, researchers at Purdue University have discovered critical design weaknesses of Bluetooth, which is a vulnerability that affects the many IoT devices including mobiles running Bluetooth.

Vulnerabilities allow the attacker to bypass authentication procedures, which could result in a spoofing attack. The researchers have reported their findings to Apple and Google and both confirmed flaw. It has been advised that users should instal the most recent version of the firmware to apply the required security patches to fix the vulnerabilities. 

In other news this week, UK badly underestimated threat states committee the Intelligence and Security committees long awaited report into Russian activity in the UK said the government was playing catch up and needed to take immediate action. The report also claimed the government made no effort to investigate Russian interference in the EU referendum. 

Orange Europe's fourth largest mobile operator confirmed ransomware attack. Orange a French telecommunications company I've confirmed it fell victim to a ransomware attack during the Fourth of July. Although Orange can boast 266 million customers, it would appear that the reach of this ransomware attack is limited. 

US charges Chinese COVID-19 research cyber spies. Officials have charged two Chinese man who allegedly spied on US companies during Coronavirus research and got help from state agents for other facts. The UK US and Canada last week accused Russia of seeking to steal research related to COVID-19.

And University of York hit by cyber attack. Personal details of students and staff may have been stolen. 

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