Cyber Threat Weekly

Short Break

October 30, 2020 Season 1 Episode 21
Cyber Threat Weekly
Short Break
Show Notes

These shows notes are also a full transcript of this Podcast episode.

Hello and welcome.


This is a brief announcement regarding our Podcast.  We are taking a short break from producing the Cyber Threat Weekly.  We plan to be back no later than the middle of November 2020 with a new and improved version.


If you have any special requests of what you would like to hear about please feel free to contact us at


In the meantime, please visit:


·       National Cyber Security Centre
·       Action Fraud
·       Take Five
·       West Midlands Cyber Protect 


Websites for more guidance on all things relating to online Security.  


In the unfortunate event you receive a Phishing email please forward on to if you receive a text messages (SMS) then please forward on to 7726.


If you have a twitter account please follow three members of our team:


West Midlands is Sean Long – WMPDigitalPCSO,
Warwickshire and West Mercia is James Squire - cyberpcso
Staffordshire Police Mathew Hough-Clews - sp_digitalpcso.


I will leave it there for now, but as I say if you have any special requests or features that you would like us to include in our new and improved podcast, please email us at